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TV Show Title Air date Director
Midsomer Murders 6 x 5

Birds of Prey

Julian Shepherd, who has most of his money invested in Charles Edmonton's new invention, is found drowned, and there is every appearance that he killed himself due to money problems. Then a villager who has been stealing peregrine falcon eggs from Charles's widow is also found dead, and Barnaby and Troy investigate.

Birds of Prey 2003-01-31
Pure 1 x 2

The Singing

Ovo je priča o Noa Funku. On je novoizabrani menoitski sveštenik koji je odlučan u nameri da izbaci sve narkodilere iz svoje zajednice. Ali umesto da reši problem, Noina akcija aktiviraće ultimatum koji će mu postaviti vođa mafije. Ako želi da sačuva porodicu, mora da se umeša u nezakonite operacije. Odlučio je da se priključi samo kako bi iznutra uništio mafiju.

The Singing 2017-01-15
Midsomer Murders 6 x 4

A Tale of Two Hamlets

Someone is decimating the ancient Smythe-Webster family of Upper Walden, and the bad blood between the villages of Upper and Lower Walden is renewed with a vengeance. First, young heart-throb actor Larry Smith (alias Laurence Smythe-Webster) dies in an explosion at a publicity event for a new film. House of Satan is based on a book by a local writer, the late Ellis Bell of Lower Walden - a village whose inhabitants are referred to by its Vicar, the Reverend Simon Smythe-Webster, as ""the weasels of the wild wood"".The next to die is Larry's uncle, House of Satan producer Frank Webster (Francis Smythe-Webster), electrocuted to death on his exercise bike. Finally, Barnaby's principal suspect, Danny Pinchel, the family's cook, is drowned in a large bowl of tomato soup...Barnaby realizes he is dealing with an historic grudge, and he enquires into the family's antecedents.

A Tale of Two Hamlets 2003-01-24
Midsomer Murders 6 x 3

Painted in Blood

Barnaby's wife, Joyce, finds a dead body on the Midsomer Florey village green while taking part in a watercolour painting class, and she recognizes it as the elderly Miss Fairfax.Barnaby is given the case, then finds himself taken off it and replaced by a team from the National Intelligence Squad, while he is assigned to deal with a missing handbag. However, he continues his investigation into the murder, finding deceit and double-dealing. It appears that 'Miss Fairfax' was not an elderly spinster at all, but a young detective sergeant from the National Intelligence Squad working under cover, and that her colleagues are busy fitting up the village handyman for the murder of an old lady who never was. He discovers that someone is busy hunting for some five million pounds still missing from an old robbery. In the closing moments, Barnaby has to lock two of the National Intelligence Squad's officers in a bank strong-room, where they are trying to snatch the missing cash, and to arrest the

Painted in Blood 2003-01-17
Midsomer Murders 6 x 2

Death and Dreams

Barnaby investigates a death which looks very much like suicide. The dead man was a troubed and depressed gambler on a losing streak, but Barnaby's nose tells him to look for a murderer. During the investigation he recognizes someone from his past, in the shape of Dr Jane Moore.

Death and Dreams 2003-01-10
Midsomer Murders 6 x 1

A Talent for Life

Accusations of unsportsmanlike conduct on the river are bedevilling the Midsomer game fishermen, and Barnaby has to interview elegant widow Isobel Hewitt, a spendthrift, fast-living, Jaguar-driving 75-year-old, when another lady fly-fisher accuses her of a violent assault. Then first Isobel and later her fellow villager Dr Duncan Goff are found on the river-bank with their skulls smashed in, and there is no shortage of suspects - including an antique dealer who apparently specializes in befriending elderly widows. The picture is confused when one of the suspects, chef-restaurateur Keith Scholey, is found frozen to death in his walk-in deep freeze, with the lock of the door jammed by a nail. Troy has a theory that Scholey was the killer and has made his suicide look like murder, but will that be the end of the affair?

A Talent for Life 2003-01-03
Midsomer Murders 5 x 4

Murder on St Malley's Day

Members of an elite student club close ranks after a murder at the Devington School.

Murder on St Malley's Day 2002-09-22
Midsomer Murders 5 x 3

Ring Out Your Dead

In the village of Midsomer Wellow, someone is killing off the bellringers of the parish church, in the week before a big bell-ringing competition. One young woman on the team is even shot dead in the churchyard on her wedding day. Before he can crack the case, Barnaby has to understand the significance of an old killing in the same village in the year 1840, when the Midsomer Wellow Vicar of the day, the Reverend Jonathan Ebbrell, was murdered and thrown down a well by the bellringers of his church. So where are the Ebbrells now?

Ring Out Your Dead 2002-09-15
Midsomer Murders 5 x 2

A Worm in the Bud

A suspicious suicide note has Barnaby wondering if foul play was involved in a young woman's death.

A Worm in the Bud 2002-06-23
Midsomer Murders 5 x 1

Market for Murder

A ladies reading group in Midsomer Market starts losing members to murder.

Market for Murder 2002-06-16
Midsomer Murders 4 x 6

Tainted Fruit

A wealthy young landlady fears for her life after she callously ignores the plight of an elderly tenant.

Tainted Fruit 2001-09-23
Midsomer Murders 4 x 5

Dark Autumn

A postman is brutally murdered on his morning round in the hamlet of Goodman's Land. Local WPC Jay Nash helps Barnaby and Troy to establish that Dave offered a very personal service to the female villagers, leaving a trail of jealous husbands in his wake, and it becomes clear that the tiny village is riven with other adulterous affairs. Then the body count begins to go up...Meanwhile, romance is blossoming between Troy and Jay.

Dark Autumn 2001-09-16
Midsomer Murders 4 x 4

Who Killed Cock Robin?

Dr Burgess, on his way home from a party at the glamorous Francesca Ward's riding school, knocks a stranger down in the road at Newton Magna, and the stranger mysteriously vanishes. Barnaby identifies the missing man as Sean O'Connell, a disgraced Irish vet, then he recognizes the village's new squire as Melvyn Stockard, a retired villain. A body found in a well proves to be the father of the man Stockard's daughter is about to marry... everyone knows he was against the marriage, but is Stockard a killer, and where does the missing Irishman fit in?

Who Killed Cock Robin? 2001-09-09
Midsomer Murders 4 x 3

Electric Vendetta

A man's naked body is found in a crop circle, then another dead man electrocuted at the wheel of his vehicle, and then yet another dead man in another crop circle. Barnaby is not impressed by rumours of extra-terrestrial killings, and is sure he is dealing with a human murderer. Before he can solve the mystery, he has to fathom a forty-year-old rivalry in love, the vengeance of the loser, and the defences of the winner.

Electric Vendetta 2001-09-02
Midsomer Murders 4 x 2

Destroying Angel

Barnaby attends the funeral of the owner of the Easterly Grange Hotel and hears that the hotel manager has gone missing. The will is read, and it seems the hotel has been divided between the missing manager and his beautiful wife, the hotel's chef and its accountant.A dog finds the hotel manager's severed hand, and the others named in the will receive threatening notes. Then accidents start to happen to them all, including mushroom-poisoning, an apparently accidental shooting, a falling drinks cabinet and a sabotaged vehicle. Barnaby next learns that the missing hotel manager had in his possession a more recent will, which is also now missing....

Destroying Angel 2001-08-26
Midsomer Murders 4 x 1

Garden of Death

The Inkpen family has bought back its ancestral home, Inkpen Manor at Midsomer Deverell, and they plan to turn a village Memorial Garden on their land into a tea shop. This causes consternation in the village, and the Bennetts (who previously owned the manor and founded the Memorial Garden) lead the opposition. Then young Fliss Inkpen-Thomas is found dead in the Memorial Garden with her skull smashed in, and a few days later her mother Elspeth dies of poisoning, with the possibility of suicide firmly denied by her family and friends. Barnaby investigates the deaths and finds older and more deep-seated motives for murder lurking in another ancient family.

Garden of Death 2000-09-10
Midsomer Murders 3 x 3

Judgement Day

Midsomer Mallow has a shot at the Perfect Village title, provided it can keep a murderer at bay.

Judgement Day 2000-01-29
Midsomer Murders 3 x 4

Beyond the Grave

Unearthly happenings in and around a local museum create an atmosphere of terror.

Beyond the Grave 2000-02-05
Midsomer Murders 3 x 2

Blue Herrings

A series of deaths at a nursing home causes the residents to suspect foul play.

Blue Herrings 2000-01-22
Midsomer Murders 3 x 1

Death of a Stranger

When a tramp dies fleeing from fox hunters, the investigation uncovers a trail of murderous deceit.

Death of a Stranger 1999-12-31
Midsomer Murders 2 x 3

Dead Man's Eleven

Troy is in the Midsomer Worthy cricket eleven for the annual match against Fletchers Cross, so he is on the spot when the wife of Robert Cavendish, the Team Captain and a big local landowner, is found bludgeoned to death with a cricket bat. As often happens, the death toll mounts before the killer can be unmasked. Why should the cricket team's scorer be stabbed to death with a Nazi dagger at the following match? Cavendish, as a mine owner, may have been responsible for the 'accidental' deaths of two of his employees in years gone by. If someone is out for revenge, who is it? Meanwhile, a protest march to maintain footpaths across Cavendish's land finds a foot-bridge has been sabotaged, and their leader takes a ducking...

Dead Man's Eleven 1999-09-12
Midsomer Murders 2 x 4

Blood Will Out

The sleepy village of Martyr Warren is invaded by quarrelsome New Age travellers, some of whom fall out with Hector Bridges, a local magistrate. The police are well aware of the tensions, but matters come to a head when Hector is found shot dead. It quickly appears that he was feared by almost everyone in sight, including his own family. And there is more to the travellers than meets the eye - one of them is a former British army officer who fought alongside Hector in the Falklands War... Then (as so often happens to Barnaby and Troy) another dead body is found, this time that of an old man at the travellers' camp.Meanwhile, Barnaby is not feeling in full fighting trim for murder investigations, as Joyce has put him on a strict diet to lose weight.

Blood Will Out 1999-09-19
Midsomer Murders 2 x 2

Strangler's Wood

Nine years after a series of unsolved murders at Midsomer Worthy, a new death which follows the same pattern (a girl is found strangled in the woods) leads to fears that the serial killer is back in business. Barnaby and Troy look out the old files in dealing with the first new murder - and then others follow.

Strangler's Wood 1999-02-03
Midsomer Murders 2 x 1

Death's Shadow

Barnaby and Troy are in Badger's Drift again, this time to investigate the murder of an unpopular property developer called Richard Bayly who had been suffering from a brain tumour. Bayly had recently come up with plans to build a new housing estate in the sleepy village, despite determined local opposition, and he was killed with an Indian sword belonging to Stephen Wentworth, the local Vicar. Another interesting factor is the recent arrival in the village of Simon Fletcher, a theatre director with unhappy childhood memories and perhaps an old grievance.

Death's Shadow 1999-01-20
Dollhouse 2 x 13

Epitaph Two: Return

In the year 2020, Echo and her surviving Dollhouse crew attempt to restore order to a devastating future world before mankind is eliminated.

Epitaph Two: Return 2010-01-29
Dollhouse 2 x 12

The Hollow Men

Sacrifices are made when Echo leads her crew to Arizona to dismantle the Rossum Corporation's mainframe.

The Hollow Men 2010-01-15
Dollhouse 2 x 11

Getting Closer

Topher races to reconstruct Echo's original personality and memories when Adelle realizes they are the key to averting a devastating future. Meanwhile, Echo and Bennett's shared past and the identity of The Rossum Corporation's mysterious leader are revealed.

Getting Closer 2010-01-08
Dollhouse 2 x 10

The Attic

When Adelle, Boyd, and the rest of the Dollhouse fear that Echo's uncontrollable mind imprints are making her a danger to their goals, they send her to "the Attic" where Echo is forced to face her worst nightmare in order to survive.

The Attic 2009-12-18
Dollhouse 2 x 9


As his contract with the Dollhouse expires, Victor is released back into the world, where his military past threatens his future with Sierra. Meanwhile, Echo is deemed too dangerous and is sent into her worst nightmare.

Stop-Loss 2009-12-18
Dollhouse 2 x 8

A Love Supreme

When Echo's past romantic engagements are found murdered, the Dollhouse fears that Alpha has returned to seek his revenge. Adelle grows suspicious of Ballard who hopes to find allies in Boyd and Topher. The Actives turn against their handlers, leaving one member of the house permanently mind-wiped.

A Love Supreme 2009-12-11