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Mysteries of Lisbon (2010)

Mysteries of Lisbon (2010)

Mistérios de Lisboa (2010) on IMDb
Godina: 2010
Žanr: Drama | Mystery
Trajanje: 272 min
Opis: Follows a jealous countess, a wealthy businessman, and a young orphaned boy across Portugal, France, Italy and Brazil where they connect with a variety of mysterious individuals.

Director: Raoul Ruiz
Writers: Camilo Castelo Branco (book), Carlos Saboga (screenplay)
Stars: Adriano Luz, Maria João Bastos and Ricardo Pereira
The Trip (1967)

The Trip (1967)

The Trip (1967) on IMDb
Godina: 1967
Žanr: Drama
Trajanje: 82 min
Opis: Paul Groves (Peter Fonda), a television commercial director, is in the midst of a personality crisis. His wife Sally (Susan Strasberg) has left him and he seeks the help of his friend John (Bruce Dern), a self-styled guru who's an advocate of LSD. Paul asks John to be the guide on his first "trip". John takes Paul to a "freak-out" at his friend Max's (Dennis Hopper) pad. Splitting the scene, they score some acid from Max and return to John's split-level pad with an indoor pool. Paul experiences visions of sex, death, strobe lights, flowers, dancing girls, witches, hooded riders, a torture chamber, and a dwarf. He panics but John tells him to "go with it, man." Would you trust John?

Director: Roger Corman
Writer: Jack Nicholson
Stars: Peter Fonda, Susan Strasberg, Bruce Dern
Savages (2012)

Savages (2012)

Divljaci (2012) on IMDb
Godina: 2012
Žanr: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Trajanje: 131 min
Opis: Oni su prijatelji i prilično su miroljubivi uzgajivači “trave”. Sve dok kriminalci iz meksičkog narko-kartela ne kidnapuju njihovu zajedničku curu.

Director: Oliver Stone
Writers: Shane Salerno (screenplay), Don Winslow (screenplay),
Stars: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Taylor Kitsch and Blake Lively
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